Silverfish and Firebrats look much alike. It’s easy to confuse the two. However, they have very different preferences in where they like to spend their time. Both Firebrats and Silverfish can survive for weeks without food and water, and more than 300 days if water is available.

Bristletail Facts

Both Firebrats and Silverfish prefer high humidity, although Firebrats are more resistant to dryer environments.
Silverfish prefer dark, damp areas such as basements, damp areas in attics, kitchens and bathrooms.
Firebrats also prefer environments that dark but prefer warmer than 90 degrees F temperatures including: near dryers, hot water heaters, steam pipes, ovens and attics.
(Bristle Tail) Silverfish and Firebrat Pest Control Solutions
Indications: They are mostly a nuisance pest, but they can destroy cereals, books, papers, wallpaper, and other starchy items with their excrement. During severe infestations, these starchy targets may develop irregular-shaped holes from the insects’ feeding. Silverfish and Firebrats do not feed on wool or other animal products.
Inspection: Points of Bristletail movement can be difficult because they move behind the walls and in other generally dark areas in your structure. You will occasionally see them in bath tubs, on walls in closets or under the insulation in an attic. A thorough inspection can help to reveal Bristletail potential harborage and control points.
Plan of Action: To find out more about HPM Bristletail Management Solutions or to schedule a service inspection appointment, Call Today.

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