Carpenter bees are large, black and yellow bees often seen hovering around the eaves of a house, wooden fences, or the underside of a deck. They are most often mistaken for bumble bees, but differ in that they have a black shiny tail section.

Carpenter Bee Facts

The male Carpenter Bee is unable to sting.
Carpenter Bees do not eat wood. They excavate perfectly round holes and tunnels in wood used for brood chambers.
Carpenter Bees will hibernate during the winter months.
Carpenter Bee Management
Indications: The first sign of a carpenter bee problem is perfectly round holes on wood surfaces. These holes are created by the carpenter bees, where they enter the wood. If you notice fine wood shavings beneath the round hole, this is another indication of carpenter bee activity.
Inspection: Carpenter Bees are wood destroyers. Suspected Carpenter Bee Activity should be inspected, evaluated and addressed sooner rather than later.
Plan of Action: If you suspect Carpenter Bees have moved into your home or business, Call Today to schedule an analysis of your property.

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