Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles live in or near the nests of insects, birds and other animals where they consume shed hair, horn, skin and feathers that would otherwise accumulate and foul the environment.

These and similar materials also are found in many items we value, including wool clothing, leather goods, furs, and rugs made of natural fibers.

Which Species do you have?

All moths and beetles progress through egg, larva, pupa and adult stages. Often most of the eating and damage is done by the larvae.
There are several species of fabric damaging beetles; Common, Furniture, and Varied Carpet Beetles and more.
Inspections for Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles can involve the entire structure, such as spaces above false ceilings, closets, attics and crawlspaces.
Indications: Feeding Carpet Beetle larvae leave irregular holes and their shed skins in and on infested items. Case making Clothes Moth larval cases made from feces and infested material will be visible on infested materials
Inspection: Control begins by identifying the species, knowing its’ habits, inspecting and locating the likely food source(s) and infested items.
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