Fleas and Ticks are both blood feeding insects but that’s where the similarity stops. Control of Ticks requires a different strategic action plan than control of Fleas.

Flea and Tick Facts

Ticks lay egg masses some of which are of 1000 to 3000 eggs.
Tick larva (seed ticks) can survive 6 to 8 months without a blood meal.
Fleas can remain in the Pupal stage for up to one year
Flea and Tick Pest Control Solutions
Indications: Normally the first indication is your pet continuously gnawing or scratching the same location. You may also notice a cluster of small red bumps around the bite site, this is because fleas tend to bite 4 -5 times in the same location. Ticks have a behavioral tendency to crawl upward referred to as “questing”. A notable indicator of a Tick population is finding Ticks crawling on walls.
Inspection: Fleas and Tick populations can become very high if not addressed correctly. Inspection, identification and evaluation of the extent of the activity in your structure is the first step in controlling Fleas and Ticks.
Plan of Action: Call now to find out more about HPM Flea and Tick Management Solution services, if you suspect an active infestation or to schedule a service inspection appointment.

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