Bees, Wasps and Other Stinging Insects that Fly. Apart from their stinging, their persistence can be irritating and present a threat to those allergic to their sting.

Flying Insect Facts

There are solitary Flying insects and social Flying insects. Social Wasps for example have a nest to protect and are generally more aggressive than Solitary Wasps.
Many Yellow Jackets are ground-nesters. Their colonies can be found in various areas, under decks, porches or steps, flowerbeds, in sidewalk cracks or the base of trees.
Some wasps species are aggressive and can sting. Wasps can be capable of stinging multiple times.
Flying Insect Management
Indications: Buzzing sounds coming from your home’s walls. You see and/or hear insects flying in the attic void or inside your house. You may notice an increase in the usual wasp or honeybee activity outside your home, specifically along the siding of your house or around a shrub or tree.
Inspection: Species identification, likely harborage and activity points are the first steps to control.
Plan of Action: For additional information about HPM Flying Insect Management or to schedule an inspection Call Today!

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