Interesting Facts

Millipedes development is about seven stages over a 21 to 25 week period.
Millipedes prefer moist habitats and are active mainly at night.
Millipedes do not bite but can produce an irritating fluid.
Millipede Pest Control Solutions
Indications: Homeowners may experience large numbers of millipedes moving in after heavy rainfall or during periods of drought.
Inspection: Millipede females lay their eggs in warmer months in soils. Millipedes prefer to live in moist leaf litter, mulches, under rocks, etc.
Plan of Action: Whether Millipedes have just showed up or they've been there a while, HPM Millipede Management Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to managing Millipede populations in your home or business structure. For more information or to schedule a HPM service inspection, Call Today.

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