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Plan of Action:
Begin by calling our office and scheduling an appointment with one of our HPM professionals. We will have our certified technician conduct a mosquito activity, resting site, and reproduction point analysis of your home and landscape.

During the hotter months in Houston, Texas, a good mosquito spray company with a Mosquito Management plan is a must.

How Can We Help?

A Mosquito Spray Company with a Mosquito Management Program Tailored Just for You

We deliver intuitive, hassle free, long-lasting mosquito control solutions. Our services are designed with the understanding of the “Customer’s Right of Service Expectation”.

Whatever your mosquito control needs, Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services are here to help; because, Mosquito Control and Mosquito Management in Houston, Texas is/are must have service(s).

Warmer months are prime mosquito activity time and can disrupt your outdoor activities and outdoor work spaces with annoying mosquito bites. In some cases they can be a health risk to workers, family, pets and guests. Trying to combat mosquitoes with over the counter controls and sprays are generally not effective, costly and a waste of time going to and from the store.

Enjoying the outdoors, playing catch with your family or family pet, planning an outdoor workplace event or function, enjoying a Bar-B-Q cookout, or just relaxing outdoors by the pool or on the patio in the evening with friends can be interrupted and hard to enjoy when unwelcome mosquitoes arrive.

Mosquito Spray Fogging Services by a Professional Mosquito Spray Company

Adding Houston Pest Managements’ Seasonal Mosquito Spray Fogging Service for a One Time Residential Family Event or Outdoor Business Event to your to do list ensures a good time for all your invited guests without Annoying Mosquitoes. This is a non contract service that can be performed anytime upon your request.

For continued mosquito control during the warmer months, we recommend our Houston Pest Management Seasonal Mosquito Spray Fogging Service be repeated monthly to ensure continued mosquito management and mosquito control all season long.

To learn more about our Mosquito Spray Fogging Services or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 281-376-3901 Today!

Service, Maintenance and Repairs on your existing Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Misting Systems require periodic maintenance and inspection in order to ensure maximum efficiency and effective control of mosquitoes. If your mosquito misting system isn’t functioning or operating properly, Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services can help!

Our service menu includes Mosquito Misting System refills, diagnostics, repairs and regular scheduled service maintenance for most Mosquito Misting Systems to ensure no hassle mosquito management on your property at home or at work.

To learn more about Houston Pest Management Mosquito Misting System Services, Repairs and Refills, Call Us Today at 281-376-3901 . We’re here and are happy to help!

Benefits of Installing a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misting systems not only remove and reduce mosquitoes, but they can also help in the reduction of other pests that may try to ruin your outdoor enjoyment like; flies, spiders, ticks and others.

Mosquitoes are some of the worst offenders, disrupting our summer nights and plaguing our barbecues. Mosquito misting systems installed by Houston Pest Management, a professional Mosquito spray company, providing state of the art services, and  effective Mosquito Management Solution Programs.

All Houston Pest Management Installed Mosquito Misting Systems Control Services include a lifetime warranty on parts and labor (*subject to our terms and conditions), available leak detection and anti siphon cut off to ensure what’s in the system tank stays in the system tank. All Houston Pest Management Mosquito Misting Systems come with a customer on demand remote control.

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services installed mosquito misting systems work amazingly well in pool areas, patios, decks or other activity or gathering areas.

They also work well for mosquito/fly control for Equine applications in barns and horse farms.

Once installed you can sit back and relax knowing your installed Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services Mosquito Misting System will ensure that your outdoor space stays mosquito free daily without you having to do a thing.

Mosquito Misting System dispersal times and dispersal duration:

All installed Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Misting Systems are expandable to accommodate additional control zones after installation should your landscape be redesigned or change due to construction of room additions, pools or outdoor kitchens.

Each system dispersal times and dispersal duration is fully expandable and fully customizable to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Additionally, using the included remote control allows you to have the convenience of on demand mists when you need it.

Built and installed to weather the change of seasons for years to come, installed by Houston Pest Management, a professional mosquito spray company, our Mosquito Misting systems can put an end to wasting time and money buying over the counter mosquito control remedies.

Take back your work place outdoor workspace, residential backyard, swimming pool area. Go relax in your hammock. It is time to start living outside, enjoying your yard again. Without Mosquitoes!

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