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During the hotter months in Houston, Texas, a good Mosquito Control and Mosquito Management plan is a must.

Whether you’re scheduling a One Time Mosquito Spray Fogging before an Event or Outdoor Party with friends, co-workers and family OR during the warmer months, Scheduling Monthly Seasonal Mosquito Reduction Spray Fogging, Mosquito Control / Mosquito Management in Houston, Texas is a must have service.

Warmer months are prime mosquito activity time and they join your event or party annoying everyone. Trying to combat mosquitoes with a big box of citronella candles or over the counter sprays is generally not effective and can be costly.

Everyone enjoys the freedom of the outdoors, watching a game outside, enjoying a nice Bar-B-Q cookout with family or just hanging outdoors in the evening unwinding with friends or a good book. Unfortunately, in Houston, Texas even simple outdoor activities can come to an end because mosquitoes have joined the party.

There’s never a good time to be outdoors with mosquitoes. Generally when the weather is 55 degrees or more at night for at least 5 days in a row, mosquitoes start becoming more active. In Houston that can be anytime between February through October/November. What really matters is that in Houston, Texas mosquitoes are a “never welcomed guest”.

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services understands the time and effort you’ve put into your home landscape, outdoor pools and outdoor kitchen/recreational facilities.

Adding Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services, Seasonal Mosquito Spray Fogging or One Time Family Event or Business Event Mosquito Spray Fogging Service to your to do list ensures a good time for all or your invited guests Without Annoying Mosquitoes.

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Event or Seasonal Spray Fogging Service helps you to reduce the likelihood that your guests go home with the unintended gift of several annoying/ itching mosquito bites.

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Take Back Your Yard!

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Spray Fogging Service treatments are highly effective, and treat the root causes of your mosquito problem, adult mosquito resting areas and mosquito breeding areas.

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Spray Fogging Service targets adult mosquito resting and breeding areas on your property reducing mosquito reproduction and adult mosquitoes on contact.
Whether for the home functions or business events Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Spray Fogging Service, usually takes an hour or so to perform, depending on the size of the application control zone area(s).

Houston Pest Management’s trained and certified professionals will examine your property for mosquito breeding areas and adult mosquito resting surfaces and communicate with you in person, by phone, or through service application notes to let you know what was done during your treatment. We will follow up with you after treatment to ensure your satisfaction and get your feedback.

It’s your home and yard! Let us take it back!

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About Houston Pest Management Mosquito Spray Fogging Service

Fighting mosquitoes doesn’t have to be an expensive and frustrating process. Our progressive mosquito management and mosquito control methods tackle Mosquitoes and puts them in their place, away from your family, pets and guests. Simply put, we fight mosquitoes, so you can forget about them. You and your family should be able to enjoy your property whenever you go outdoors.

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services’ unique mosquito spray services allow you to take back your outdoor space(s)!

From mosquito source reduction, to mosquito barrier treatment to mosquito larval control let the certified mosquito spray service professionals at Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Service help protect your family, home and business.

To learn more about how Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Services can help with your mosquito problem or if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, please Contact Us Today at 281-376-3901.

We’re here to help. Since 1984, locally owned and operated right here in metro Houston .

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