Benefits of a Mosquito Misting System in Houston, TX

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Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Misting Systems

Enjoy the benefits of an automatic Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Misting System and reduce the amount or need to apply on skin mosquito repellents on the kids and on pets.

Start enjoying a mosquito reduced / mosquito free yard and outdoors automatically.

Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Misting Systems feature, custom configured “to your needs”, pre-set automatic on/off dispersal times for hassle free hands off operation.
Other features include:

  • An easy to use push button on/off mist and stop mist remote control device.
  • Push button remote control ‘Skip Next mist” override feature.
  • System safety anti siphon and System shut down leak detection.

Mosquito Misting Systems in Houston

Mosquito misting systems, also known as outdoor residential misting systems, are a reliable and effective method to help keep mosquitoes away from your property and reduce your exposure to diseases associated with mosquitoes.

Enjoy your yard, patio and pool with your family and friends without having to worry about being overwhelmed by mosquitoes. To learn more, call us now.

Targeted dispersal “misting” times are programmed into the Houston Pest Management Mosquito Misting System typically at dawn and dusk daily when mosquitoes start becoming active.

The automatic misting system solution dispersal duration of 45 seconds immediately goes to work knocking down active mosquitoes in the mosquito misting system designed control area.

There are a variety of control products for use in our Houston Pest Management Mosquito Misting Systems. Examples of two non residual products we recommend are:

Both products are derived from Natural Plant or vegetable sources and provide effective control of mosquitoes with reduced risk to your family and your neighbors when used as directed.

Important Mosquito Information Links

Mosquito Misting System Design, Installation and Warranty

Cost of ownership for a mosquito misting system is within reach for homeowners. However, not all mosquito misting systems are the same AND all mosquito misting system installations are not created equal.

Some misting system components may be the same or similar, but there can be significant differences in mosquito misting systems and the decisions the mosquito misting system installer makes when designing and installing your mosquito misting system can impact the mosquito misting system integration into your landscape as well as impact the mosquito misting system overall effectiveness.

A properly installed mosquito misting system should integrate into your landscape without creating an eyesore. Care should be taken when designing the nozzle circuit to reduce the likelihood of accidental mosquito misting system solution release into your pool or onto neighboring property due to nozzle circuit breaks caused by landscape management crews or wildlife.

Have pets, birds, fish or horses? Call us today to discuss your Mosquito Misting System, mosquito and fly control options. We can help.

All Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Misting Systems are designed to reduce accidental mosquito misting system solution release and for reliable function, control performance and system safety.

All installed and serviced Houston Pest Management Mosquito Control Misting Systems come with a Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your Mosquito Management needs.

Have a great summer, without constantly fighting mosquitoes. Want to learn more? Call us today. We’re happy to help.

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