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A Mosquito Misting System Houston

During the hotter months in Houston, Texas, installing a mosquito misting system in Houston is a must. Everybody is looking to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, and unfortunately this includes the mosquitos who are active as well.

Weather you are watching a game outside, enjoying a nice Bar-B-Q cookout with family, or just hanging outdoors in the evening to unwind with friends, mosquitos are never a welcomed guest.

Warmer months are the prime time for mosquitos to try and join your party, by biting you and your guests, and trying to combat mosquitos with a big box of citronella candles or stinky sprays, is simply not effective.

Benefits of Installing a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misting systems not only eliminate mosquitos, but they also help in the reduction of other pests that may try to ruin your outdoor enjoyment like; flies, spiders, ticks and few others.

Mosquitoes are some of the worst offenders, disrupting our summer nights and plaguing our barbecues. Mosquito misting systems in Houston are simply the most effective solution to deter mosquitoes and their annoying bites.

They work amazingly in pool areas, patios, decks or gathering areas. You will never have any of your guest having to fight for their space outdoors again. Finally able to enjoy your time home after a long day at the office.

How a Houston Mosquito Misting System Works

Our Houston mosquito misting systems keep wasps, mosquitoes and other flying pests away from your backyard and residence. The mist prevents the mosquitos’ movement by the mist produced.

Mosquito Misting Systems HoustonMosquito misting systems are many are an effective mosquito control option. In Houston, a mosquito spray company, like Houston Pest Management, will install a mosquito prevention system to fight off the pests.

A mosquito repellent system will provide you and your family a self-contained, auto-controlled, and effective solution to help you take care of all your mosquito control needs. When you install equipment for mosquito control in Houston, you can be assured of not having to worry about diseases which are spread by mosquitoes.

The active ingredient used in mosquito misting systems is called Pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is non-hazardous is safe to be sprayed around adults, young children, babies and pets because it is derived from flowers, specifically the Chrysanthemum.

A Mosquito Spray Company On Your Side

If you want an intuitive, hassle-free, and long-lasting solution, then contact Houston Pest Management, a professional mosquito spray company, to install a mosquito misting system in Houston for you.

Mosquito Misting Systems Houston

Sit back and relax knowing your new Houston mosquito misting system will provide the timed, routinely sprays your outdoor space to ensure that it stays mosquito free daily, without you having to do a thing. You set the mechanical timer via remote control, and the system does the rest.

While you will have the convenience to add a few mists when you need it, the misting system is built to weather the change of seasons for years to come with minimal is very limited. The nozzles are designed to be siphoning proof.

Either way, you look at it. You win. No more wasting time, space and money on things that hold you and your family back from doing all the outdoor things you love. Stop going to war with those pesky insects, and take back your backyard, swimming pool area, or relaxing in your hammock. It is time to start living outside, enjoying your yard again.


Which solution is right for you?

Mosquito Spraying - Houston Mosquito Control Services
MosquHouston Mosquito Control Services
Mosquito Misting System - Houston Mosquito Control Services
Indications: Reduced outdoor activities because of constant mosquito activity. Annoying mosquito activity at home front and rear entry points and garage. Family and pets scratching at mosquito bite sites.
Inspection:  An HPM certified technician will conduct a thorough inspection and analysis of your property to identify mosquito adult resting sites, breeding sites and harborage areas.
Plan of Action:  Begin by calling our office and scheduling an appointment with one of our HPM professionals. We will have our certified technician conduct a mosquito activity, resting site, and reproduction point analysis of your home and landscape.

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