Indian Meal Moth, Mediterranean Meal Moth, Rice weevil, Grainery weevil, Saw tooth grain beetle, Flour Beetles and more…

Which Species do you have?

Beetles and moths have four stages in their development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. All stages may be present in the food. The larva are the most destructive, but the adults are the most seen.
The initial infestation can originate at the processing plant, the warehouse, the delivery vehicle, or the your local retail grocery store.
Stored product (Pantry) pests are usually not noticed in the home until they become abundant.
Indications: Visible adult insects in the food source materials. Adult insects visible on pantry shelves. Adults Meal Moths in and around your pantry. Developing Meal Moth pupa casings on walls and under shelves.
Inspection: The key to successful control is to find the source of infestation. Unless this is found, you will continue to see the insects. Once you locate and eliminate all infested foods, the number of pests should decrease rapidly.
Plan of Action: Thoroughly vacuum and wash cupboards, pantry shelves, floors, etc. to remove any spilled food stuffs. Store all pantry items in air-tight, hard plastic containers, jars, etc. Be sure to check cake mixes and other unopened items because they might also be infested. Insecticide sprays are of little value in controlling pantry pests when infested materials are removed and cracks and crevices are cleaned. For more information about HPM Pantry Pest Management Solutions, Call Today.

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