Wood (cellulose) is food for Termites. In nature it’s fallen branches and trees. Unfortunately Termites find the wood in your house as attractive or more attractive then fallen branches or trees.

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Which Species do you have?

Visible evidence of Termites varies by species.
Subterranean Termites can enter through tiny cracks in your foundation.
Winged Termite reproductives look very similar to Winged Ant reproductives.
Termite Management Solutions
Indications: The most common indicator is a sudden, dramatic appearance of winged “alate” termites commonly referred to as swarming. When it occurs indoors it is often one of the first signs of a structural infestation. Another common indicator is the presence of “shelter tubes” or “mud tunnels”. Subterranean Termites construct and use shelter tubes to bridge across masonry, foundations or other objects, allowing termites access to a food source (wood) above ground.
Inspection: Active termite infestations can be difficult to detect. To find out if your structure has subterranean termites, it should be checked for evidence of swarmers (including wings or dead termites in windows), mud tubes or damaged wood inside or around a structure.
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